Thursday, October 25, 2007

Learning the Hard Way

I found out today that I am allergic to bee pollen. What a bummer. It's so good for you on so many levels. It made my tongue go numb, itchy and tingly-- it made my tonsils swell up and it was difficult to breathe for 45 minutes. Anyone know a similar superfood that will give similar health results without a reaction?

To alleviate the stomach issues that arose promptly after ( and this really irritated me, I woke up today feeling so wonderful. I have been laying low, and feeling rather sleepy ever since) I drank 20 oz. of pineapple-celery juice with nutmeg. This calmed my tummy down.

Now I am enjoying a pear-carrot-celery-ginger mixture with more nutmeg and some cinnamon. Kind of like pie. Yum-o. But a tired yum-o. No energy for exclamation points.

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