Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Choosing An Audience

I'm having issues deciding what kind of blog this should be.

I want it to reflect my budding interests in raw food nutrition, and the highest of all nutrition-health concepts. I want to talk about art and film and life and books. Religion and spirituality. About the planet, about the stories I hope to finish and the others I am about to start.

But it seems that these blogs are very much sequestered into a "kind" -- a topic to provide them a place to be, an audience to talk to... and with that, like everything else in my life when it comes to my interests, I can't ever pick just one. I am made up of too many passions and I feel tight and squeamish when I relinquish one to concentrate on the other.

It's like they are a vast organic machine of wooden cogs and moth wings, delicately balanced and, when caught in the right light -- they shimmer just a bit. A gossamer. A glamour and then poof! it's gone. The sun has set, the household is full of hunger and homework and I have to wait another day to do what it is that I am wanting to do.

Ok. I will not try to shove this round peg into a square hole. I just need to find a better fit. Until then, I will not try to wrestle in my place like when one wears an ill-fitted coat, catching you right under the arms... I will just let go and write and do whatever it is that I do best. A little bit of everything and let the rest sort itself out. Ah, good. I'm glad we had this talk. I feel much better now.

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Courtney Pool said...

Hi Lindsay,

I've awarded you the "Inspirational Blogger Award"! Now you get to pass it on!