Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Juicy Life: Day 3: More Greens Please

(Breakfast: 1 apple, 3 stalks celery, 1medium cucumber, and a bunch of parsley, radish sprouts --- they actually put out a lot (!) of juice. A small section of green onion.) Last night my tummy was a little grumbly and this morning, a little discomfort or odd or tenderness right around the pelvis. But nothing bad. A little bloated -- what does that mean again? Ah yes. Need More Greens. This is my Theme today.

Just as I was warned, after two days – this being day number 3 – I am beginning to want more savory juices and less sweet. I juiced garlic and ginger and chili peppers last night with seaweed flake. The one apple was almost too much for me. I am seeing visions of zucchini and parsley and … come to think of it, I’m craving Bieler’s broth. I wonder how that would taste raw… hmmm. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it consists of zucchini squash, green beans, celery, parsley, Extra virgin olive oil, & Clean, chemical-free water. Often blended into a liquid soup and flavored with garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, ginger, herbs, and seasoned with Nama Shoyu. It is meant to restore one's alkaline reserves and improve liver function.

I ordered an Omega 8005 juicer that was supposed to be here by tomorrow and now I find out, it’s been back-ordered!! That deserves a big ol' Charlie Brown: UGH. I have a near 20-yr old champion juicer (donated by my parents to me 2 yrs ago) which still works fine, but doesn’t get nearly enough liquid out of the pulp, and especially struggles to get the greens the way I’d like them, too. Bummer. I am doing as much as I can – but I find I am worried, having lived with hypoglycemia, and thyroid issues, (I have consciously avoided things like cabbage and broccoli, as they tend to be inhibitors, I think) I am wary of the fruit sugar as I’m sure, in addition to the pancreas, like most of the population, Candida is probably also an issue -- So how does one avoid overly sugaring the system? Green greens greens. Lettuces, radicchio, kale, celery, ginger, garlic, radish, cucumber, bell peppers, one would think carrot – but even David Wolfe warns us of trying to “sweet our way in” – so much sugar. I need to purchase a nut-milk bag and cheesecloth strainer. And maybe blend up my greens with some water and strain.

What’s amazing is that during this feast, all one’s food addictions come to point. The “little mind” is constantly going, c’mon, quit, stop. This is silly. Don’t you like food? Bread? Soup? And yes, I enjoy all those things, but I am more and more aware of how good the juices feel and taste and as I have been experimenting with 60% raw before this feast, including a juice a day before the beginning of this week – I was finding that my old emotionally driven favorite foods were losing their taste. I mean, I can still taste them – but they no longer taste how I remember them – and the fact that I still find myself fantasizing about them, that to me shows just how emotional eating is for me, and probably a majority of people, which is why David Rain talks about people saying, “O – I can’t live without _______” be it cheese, coffee, steak. What-have-you. And while the “little mind” complains – my larger soul-self keeps reminding me: It’s only food. Why are you losing your head over this. You feel fine .. no pain, no discomfort, you don’t feel hungry. It’s only ten days. Get over yourself. But in a kind, gentle, loving way of course. It is only ten days and I’ve done three with no real problem at all. So seven more to go? Bring it on. If any of you have suggestions for more savory juice combo’s I’m all ears. Send them along, please!

( What a bitter sulfur-y concoction! Whew!!

¼-Grapefruit, with pith
3 cloves garlic
1.5 inches ginger
baby chard greens
…. Had to add a little pineapple. Yikes!

Note to self -- never use grapefruit pith)

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