Friday, December 28, 2007

New for New Years

I am, as of late, in the business of creating a New Me. I no longer wish to be nipped at the heels by past doubts, obsessions and down-trodden thinking. As the year of 2007 is headed for a close, it seems to be the perfect time. 2007, in numerology translates to an energy number of 9 -- a number of completion. and 2008, being a "10" (or a 1) is all about New Beginnings. It makes sense to close a chapter and start clean and fresh in a whole new way. 2007 marks my last year of school, it marks my last year of writing "single" or "unmarried" on taxes or other forms. I am 27 and I am also experiencing my own year of completion. I have decided that I am beginning a new Be-ing for New Years.

I have spent all afternoon cleaning out files from my computer and old emails. I even changed mine. I am throwing out old magazines and giving away books that no longer add to my understanding of the world. My Bookshelves are far too full and because of this, I am energetically blocking out new Ideas! I am going to give a lot away, I decided today.

I am making plans to go to The Tree of Life center in Patagonia, AZ sometime in February and March. I am planning travel and have signed up for more Art Classes. I feel happy just thinking about this... I haven't felt this way: this free for a long long time. I have found that I am no longer willing to be miserable for the sake of practicality and society's definitions of success. I want to be me to the fullest degree and so I am not going to settle a year, month, day longer.

When I step into 2008 I will bring with me only what is needed. No baggage, no clutter, and No Negativity. What you put your attention on Grows and so I am only willing to attract into my life those things and those people and those ideas which assist me in fulfilling my highest potential and purpose, everything else is merely road blocks and detours. I feel like I have stalled long enough. Whether I am have been fearful of failure (or success?), I feel somewhere inside that their is a bigger life for me and so. Here I go. I am seeking a new sense of Be-ing.

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Courtney Pool said...

You inspire me, sister!!!