Friday, December 7, 2007

Had to Share

This may sound strange, but I just made the most yummy snack!

I used sprouted grain tortillas by Ezekiel, and inside them I spread raw Tahini (maybe 2 tsp) and topped that with guacamole (red onion, tomato, lime, cilantro, garlic), then a drizzle of agave, a pinch of
pink Himalayan and a couple romaine leaves for crunch: so good, I had to share.

The sesame tahini is creamy and nutty and then the guac is kinda spicy and oozes in lovely ways, the salt brings out flavor, the agave for some sweetness -- this is the kind of thing that keeps me going all day. It feels so lovely and my body doesn't freak out or go into sugar-shock, the way wheat and hybrid grains tend to wear on me.

It's snowing in Colorado this morning. I love it -- it makes the whole world stand still, sit tight, relax, be silent, even for a moment: the universe seems to whisper in a hush.

I hope wherever you are today is lovely and amazing

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