Friday, December 21, 2007

Fall is Complete

I am officially complete with my fall semester and am so very happy about it. I am still, however, waiting to see how I did and equally confused as to what exactly I am supposed to be doing with my free time, now. After Christmas, I'm sure it will sink in that I don't have classes again until the middle of January... and in the meantime I hope to commit myself to new yoga classes and an art-studio class, too.

I am hoping to purchase a vita-mix or be gifted one... and a dehydrator so I can really expand my Sun-Food cuisines. I have owned Raw Food Real World by the lovely folks at Pure Food and Wine in New York, and have been drooling for months. My blender just isn't up to snuff anymore, to make my own nut-milks and it barely gets the job done with cacao smoothies...! So I am looking forward to the holidays, even if I have to get them for myself ;)

I have been devouring the seasonal Clementine's and they've been so lovely! And the past two days I have been out of my juicing vegetables, and Boy! can I tell the difference. I have become particularly fond of the classic cucumber-celery-apple-parsley combo, and then I add lemon some days or ginger, or daikon or bok choy, spinach. So very, very good.

Oh and another thing -- Its the Solstice and I had plans in the mountains at a friend's house, but the afternoon snow in the valley, tonight led to quick freezing and slick roads... an attempt to ascend the Sunshine Canyon came only to me turning around half way up. And a 10-mile/hr crawl in first gear all the way back down, passing cars in ditches and teetering over ravines; let's just say I'm glad I got down in one-piece.. especially since someone backed into my pretty silver little car on Tuesday evening. Whew.

Well, I'm going to the cinema tonight and then I get to get juicing veggies, yay! Hope all of you out there are safe and warm tonight... :)

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Courtney Pool said...

Ever smuggled really awesome raw treats into a movie? Feels quite adventurous...