Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Good Stuff

On the other hand, I have been turning myself into a chocolateer-superhero. And I can't recommend it more highly! I have been getting into the living foods method of nutrition for a bit of time now, and the more I add, the more I understand how nothing else tastes as good as the real thing. Food. The real stuff, the good stuff. Soggy cardboard is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

I have been buying cacao for a year and I put it in smoothies, but I had found them somewhat bitter in their "alone" state -- not unpleasantly so, but then again I always did like dark chocolate -- but on a cue from Mr. David Wolfe himself, I mixed a few nibs with agave and... WOW! I mean, as in : incredible -- my brain centers lit up -- I mean, I could see better, taste more, hear better... I am not kidding you, that sucker is one powerful little nut, and it tasted wonderfully yummy, and why would you want to eat anything else?

So, for snacks, I have been combining cacao nibs with goji, raw walnuts and pignolis (or pine-nuts, same difference) and a tsp. of raw red maca powder and, a squeeze of fresh orange juice, a pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt and then a drizzle of agave. It turns into this malty-sweet-salty paste that I eat with a spoon: so good.

Now, having said that, you maybe feeling curious as to what these pictures are here: they are what's known as Kirlian photographs, that is, they read the electromagnetic signature or life force in, well, anything, but in this case: food. Here below is, obviously, an apple. Above is a cacao bean (but its technically a nut)! What is important to note is that this beautiful light that is emitted from a living life-force being, disappears when subjected to heat and cooking.

In essence, we kill the natural light substance of our food when we cook.

I am only bringing this up because I am starting to really notice the feeling of my body following food choices. I feel much better eating that Orange with flax seeds or hemp, or homemade guac with a salad then I ever felt eating potatoes or pasta.

I am transitioning gently so my body really makes the switch 100% and never feels deprived or neglected. I am following David Wolfe's recommendations, adding in the good stuff: this definitely includes green juices and chocolate everyday. How could that be anything other than the best day ever?

I have come to really love my early morning juice ritual; I am finding it very easy to get up at 5:30-6 every morning, watch the sun come up with liquid gold-green juice beside me.

Today's Juice o' the Morning:

1/2 mango
3 Clementine's
1/2 cucumber
5-6 stalks celery
2 small handfuls parsley
4 mint leaves


For a real juice superhero, be sure to check out
Courtney Pool's Blog as she is on a 92-Day juice feast, as per Angela Stokes and David Rainoshek. It is my intention to do one in January again -- maybe not 92 days but maybe 21 days? Or more ... maybe I will keep going as long as it feels good, if I end up at 92 days: then sure -- I'll do 92 days.

Anyhow, this venture into Sunfood has been so amazing and glorious and, what's more: it requires me to be present. My addictions have been coming up so clearly and I can sit calmly and face them, because now I recognize them and can peacefully and gratefully say: Thank You, I release you. I have no need for your services any longer.

Live Well today, dear ones. And drink your vegetables!

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