Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have been awarded a Creative Blogger Award by Miss Neeta! She had the nicest and most feather preening kind things to say; She put me amongst Gone Raw and Matt Monarch! Very prestigious company, in my opinion. I am quite humbled, but also, I am so grateful for her friendship. You can find her at Internal Dynamic Healing, and if you're lucky, you'll catch some of her wonderful poetry.

Now, to pass it on:

1. Courtney Pool of Radical Radiance - who has been such an inspiration to me and a kind friend. She inspires me to be creative with my life, to jump in, soak in the sunshine: and most importantly, to not be afraid to create a life that is all my own, fit just for me. Creating my own body, mind, soul to reflect and express as individually and powerfully as she is fearless in doing her own. Plus she just created a new company. So this award is hers.

Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy -- you make the most amazingly delicious and inspiring eats: I can't wait till I have tried them all. You prove that being raw can be inspiring and creative, far from merely lackluster cookies and grawnola! Your creations sing and I am so grateful for their ingenuity. They're exciting and delicious.

3. Ms. Angela Stokes at Raw Reform -- what can I say. I have never met you (though hope to do so at this years Raw Spirit Fest) but you have been such a light into my world. You inspired me to do my very first, albeit short (10 day) juice feast and I have nothing but love and admiration for you and your story and your exuberance for life. You deserve this award because you created for yourself a new life, light, body, and a new day every day. I am so grateful for this creative power you express. It has helped shape my own light in me.

4. Jordan Ratford at
Ecclesia Gnostica In Nova Albion, to whom I am grateful because of the light that is cast into darkness by any who seeks to create for themselves a relationship to the Spirit and the Light. And how he creates a place where I may come and learn.

5. Suki Zoë Qito, because of the quietude and joy I feel so often reading her words. The sheer superhero-ness she exudes alone, deserves the bestow-ment of creative admiration and thanks.

thank you all for inspiring and encouraging me to create my best life everyday.

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Angela Stokes said...

Awwwwwww, thank you, petal ;)
What a beautiful gift, from clearly a yummy sister spirit ;)
Happy Valentines Day to you and all gratitude straightbackatcha for holding space here,
One love,
Angela. xxx