Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ashes Before the Rise of the Juice Feast

Today is Ash Wednesday and begins the Lenten Season which ends on Easter Sunday. Not that I am a particularly religious person, but I have always thought such seasons, be it Lent or Ramadan (among others) were always helpful and beautiful and healing. And for the past few years I have really been intrigued by taking it on as a practice. And so for Lent, I am making a list of some things I will be abstaining from during the next 40 days, and one of the things that I am giving up is sugar. I never eat processed sweets or white sugar: I use agave, honey and maple syrup. But I am going to be nixing those too. M always says that I should give up reading for Lent, because I love books more than I love anything else... but I just can't get myself to even consider that. wink. I don't think I'd make a very good Catholic.

I am furthermore, so very excited about the Global Juice Feast 2008, beginning in March, (come and join us!) it is the perfect time of the year to do so. And in that light, I was thinking maybe we could start a post entitled Global Juice Feast 101 ... and anyone who writes in to me, and gives me their favorite juicing concoction, I will post it in the "101" all throughout the juice feasting. That way, as a group we'll never grow bored and always have an array of new ideas and flavors. Let me know what you think about this...

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