Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Many Exciting Returns: The Artist's Life

Those of you have been following my blog, (at all) will be happy to know I have decided to finish my MA in Literature, but I have also decided to forgo a PhD to return to my training in art and illustration. This has made me happier than I have been in years, having the faith and heart to follow my passions.

I want to read and make and write and draw beautiful books. So that's what I'm going to do.

And it's been incredible! By allowing myself this freedom of choice, my creative juices which I had been unwittingly been stifling have been flowing, rushing through my head, filling it with images and story ideas, including a new faery tale take on Sleeping Beauty, the story never told. We all know about Aurora (named for the morning star) but we never hear the other side of the story, the one told by her twin sister Vesper, the evening star.

And it has alread begun to wind its way out of my head and onto pen and paper:

"This is a story that has been told a thousand times a thousand, and never once has it been told correctly. Once upon a time, there was a tower and a dragon, a splinter and a briar, but they got it wrong, they usually do, historians are rarely capable of trustworthiness, especially when magic is involved. What you must understand firstly is that my sister was never called Briar Rose. She never made it out of the tower. I was the one who was sent away to the cottage in the woods."