Sunday, November 11, 2007

Early Early

I woke up at about five this morning. Mostly due to kitty squabbles and their hunger issues. But Instead of going back to bed, I watched the sun come up. And I am always grateful when I am awake to experience this. I'd like to do it every morning. Maybe I will. Starting today...

I think there is something missing from our lives if we over-sleep and over-stimulate ourselves that we never feel the ability to get up when the whole non-human world does.

It's November (albeit, it has been an exceptionally warm November in Colorado, thus-far) and the birds are still out in the morning, the air was cool and vibratory. Yes. I went outside with M's furry clogs on my feet and scuffled around taking pictures of the amazing clouds and the glimpse of the flatirons that we have from our front yard or dining room window... I will have to post those later because the battery pack is recharging, presently.

But I think, if you can -- wake up early at least once a week and watch the sky grow light... it's like magic.

(I can't wait for Fall break, however, in all truth, this leaves me about a month to write 50 pages for my grad classes' final project/papers. One paper is going to be comparing space and place in Willa Cather and Melville novels. The other will concern itself with Rushdie's Midnight's Children. )

I find myself (my somatic consciousness) leaning again towards smoothies. Odd, when it's kind of cold in energy, but I really am not liking the foods I always used to like (i.e. cooked). They make me congested and sap my energy. It's really quite amazing, using myself as my own chemistry experiment -- after my juice feast, my body tells me right away which substances are a no-go. I guess my body has always been pretty good about that, I just wasn't listening.

I think listening is going to be my theme for the next year. I turn 27 on Tuesday, which is a Nine, numerologically (sp) speaking. A double nine too! Wow. A year of completion. And it will be. This next year I will graduate from my Masters, I will get married (wow!), I am subscribing to a year's worth of The Best Day Ever! and -- well. I don't know what else. But I will be listening for it.

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”Antoine de Saint-Exupery

(Juice for the morning: cilantro-celery-pineapple. One of the best!)

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