Friday, November 30, 2007

The End of America

Thanks so much to Angela Stokes and her Raw Reform Blog entry this morning which discusses the troubling issue of the FDA and congress trying to pass a law on pasteurizing leafy greens, especially after the "e-coli" scare last year-- what the papers and the media failed to mention was that no organic spinach was affected/infected but was pulled from the shelves anyway. As well as other links describing the loss of social freedoms, I thought it was merely my staunch and solemn duty to pass on the information.

Ms. Stokes wrote the following:

"Eeeeeeek…seems it’s time for another ‘public service announcement’…
Yep...after pasteurising all the almonds already, the USDA are after your leafy greens now…following the supposed spinach-related ‘e coli’ outbreaks last year, a proposed new law would essentially squish out small and medium sized growers with specified, institutionalised growing rules for ALL leafy greens. The blessed Cornucopia Institute are on the case with this one – with step-by-step guidelines of how to express your objections to this bill BEFORE DECEMBER THE 3RD: (click on link)

...and this is just one part of the picture that’s unfolding at the moment – I would strongly recommend you check out the very insightful article posted today by Mike Adams of NewsTarget for more info – HERE: "

And here is a lecture linked to from Mike Adam's site on the "End of America: 10 Steps to Fascism"
Please watch. It' so important to know what's going on.

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